If you\'re gonna walk on thin ice, you might as well dance

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Screen writer

I have written three screen adaptations of novels and 8 feature scripts, one of which is being developed into a feature film. I have completed a graphic novel (link to the site is below) Drago Bentley – Space Detective where the 8 chapters/issues and other paraphernalia can be purchased.

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An elevator set is available for hire at reasonable rates. The set has 4 removable walls, OTIS elevator doors that are on castors and are manually operated, OTIS elevator button panel, up/down indicator above the doors, ceiling cover and fluoro lights.

I am an experienced writer-for-hire, having written six screenplays (receiving awards for some – please refer to my resume for details)

Drago Bentley

Drago posts his most inner thoughts on things past, present and future.

Drago Bentley