Drago Bentley winding down

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Drago Bentley, Chapter 8 is now 40 pages in and headed for a total of 44 pages. The anticipated end date is end March 2013 for the pencils and end April for the colours. We’ll head to the printer Ahmed Saleem found and we’ll be finished by end May. That’ll leave 2 months to ship the cartons of comics over various places, which I’ll outline in a minute.

But first, let’s bring you up to speed with ILP (Idiot’s Lantern Productions) progress: Dave Acosta (the drawer/penciler) and I have just chalked up 3 years working together on DB. What a journey! Eight chapters, two motion comics, 10 posters, 10 comic conventions, over 200 new members, a new website, 2000 visitors to the site and countless pitches later, me and my team of 10 people who have been or are involved in the project, have achieved a heck of lot – and boy have we learned a lot as well in that time!

The next milestones for DBP, though, are proving to be just as daunting: traveling to LA and meet with agents; attending San Diego Comicon in July and Wizard World Chicago Comicon in August and promoting the hell out of DBP; finding a cheap printing company that can print the finished graphic novel at a reasonable price (check that one) and then – probably the hardest task – getting a producer on board to turn the graphic novel into a live action film. What’s easy in the sell is that there’s a graphic novel to show, as well as a completed script and trailer (and 2 motion comics). This script will be developed as both a 2 hour length feature movie script and an 8 episode for-TV series script. I have to work on a presentation though, and that involves a lot of research.

I would just like to reach out to you all and thank you for your support and interest in DB over the years. I hope now that DB is winding down that you will still continue to follow and support DB. So, as a special ‘thank you’ to everyone who has ever donated or worked for me or won a prize, I will be including your caricature in the final chapter (and therefore the graphic novel). It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for your support.

On to my other two projects: Project #2 is Jandamarra (see the dashboard for a description of this project) which I want to get a producer for. Much to do in the meantime though: eg, write the entire script – which should be short since it has more action than dialogue. The good thing about Jandamarra is that it has the capability of being transformed into an American Western. I’ve started work on this already and have titled it Cherokee Jim: Outlaw. I have a treatment already (not posted yet).

Mental note: teach self how to change this website to accommodate all my scripts’ synopses and related material (presentations, budgets, photos, posters etc).

Project #3 is Devil’s Machine, which has a completed script and has placed nicely in international script competitions. I’ve commissioned a nice poster and just have a PowerPoint presentation and short animated trailer to go to finish off the package that I could use in my pitch. FYI, Monica Penders at Screen ACT has organized 10 prospective producers to travel with her to Cannes in May to assist in the promotion of their projects. I have the opportunity to be part of that entourage (if I can get the money) – provided I can get a whole heap of documents ready in time for that. We’ll see.

Alright, I’ll leave it there for now. Remember to check in to this site every now and then for an update (and new development in the content of this site).