Final Drago Bentley hits the printers

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Chapter 6 - Drago Bentley

Hello Space Detectives,

The great news is that Drago Bentley is now complete and has been sent to the printers for printing the completed graphic novel!  Hooray and rejoice!  It’s over to the talented Mr Ahmed Saleem now.  Hopefully, the completed, printed novel will be on sale by June and will include more information than is in the individual issues.

Ahead of that, however, Issue 8 should be on sale by this time next week.  Because Issue 8 is a bumper issue, the cost will be slightly higher than prior issues but, hey, it is the end of the story.

I am in full-steam ahead mode right now in planning for my trip to the USA in July.  Everything is booked that needs to be booked and all it needs now is my presence.  First stop is San Diego California then to LA then Vegas then Florida, Chicago and New York.  Phew; that’s a lot of miles but hey I’m only there for a short time.  I have to squeeze in a lot.

I’m now preoccupied with getting the website straightened out and to finalize the script, of which I have now shaved off 120 pages but still have 60 more pages to shave off.  It ain’t easy adapting a body of work into a script, even if it is your own creation.  But I’m up for the task – who else is there, really?

I’m attending a pitch fest in Hollywood in August wherein there will be 2300 agents, producers and studio reps attending.  If I don’t get at least one request for a script, I will consider it a failure.  I have to polish up my pitch, is all – no easy task for an introvert.

Before that trip, however, I’m testing the waters for the completed graphic novel sales by attending the SupaNova Comicon in Sydney.  If you’re out and about in that neck of the woods, be sure to drop in and say ‘hi’, okay?

Okay, so that’s it so far Space Dicks.  Be ready to buy the next best sci-fi detective graphic novel ever written when it comes out.  I won’t be far off.  Cheers