Comicon here I come!

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Hello Again Space Detectives,

I’m back. Over the last month/five weeks I’ve been waiting on the printer to finalise the print run. Saleem has delivered a hardcopy that I received a week ago. It looks awesome. I sent back some corrections and where just now finalising payment to effect the print run. Shipping and freighting is going to be another headache but talks are underway with San Diego Comicon people.

San Diego Comicon handlers are being arranged to deliver the books to me at my stall. The whole process is still not quite finished yet but we’re almost there.

In the meantime, I’ve pitched the Drago Bentley story to about 6 producers via an online pitch site and had 2 requests for the script (and another request for two of my other stoires, which is great, too). Cross your fingers for me, guys. I’ve arranged meetings with other agencies and agents in LA and comic book stores in San Diego. Still have to arrange a list of comic book stores in LA, Chicago and New York, but I have a bit of time up my sleeve.

That’s about it for now. I’m honing my pitching skills by the day and hope to have a rock-solid pitch by the time I board that aeroplane on 17 July. Check back in a month or so, Space Detectives. I’ll have a better update then. Ciao.