Blind Faith

Part of the Elevator Trilogy – the others being Blind Love and Blind-sided.


A man down-and-out on his luck needs to get to the lottery office to cash the winning ticket before the deadline but gets stuck in an elevator with a kindly priest about to deliver money to a children’s hospital. By the time they leave the elevator, they both reach a mutually assured position.


2007, 16 mins – still just a rough cut; filmed in HD
Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia


Writer/Producer: Joseph Kisch
Writer: Bruce Davie
Directors: Joe Kisch & Bruce Davie
DoP: Graham Dyson
Director’s Assistant: Chris Reavell
Caterer: Alison Mortimer: Bruce Davie


Dallas Bland
Rob DeFries
William Huang
Joe Kisch
Alison Mortimer


Script won Third prize, Barebones Film Festival Short Script Competition, 2008

Blind Faith