Silversun Internship

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Sam finds gold01

Well, a lot has happened in the last 5 months since joining the talented team at SilverSun Pictures:
Worked on finalising the script that would complete Groomless Bride. This was submitted to the producers and backers of the film and given the ‘thumbs up’ to proceed to next level, which is production. Unfortunately, our application for funding was ill-timed and we missed out on the Investment Fund opportunity offered by ScreenACT. Now with the austere measures put forward in the Federal Budget, there may be no further opportunity this financial year to proceed. This means the we will have to plan for a production date somewhere in July. Hmmm, but excuse me for sounding a little sceptical.

Worked on various advert creations with Rohan Taylor and Doug Kirk – all good experience.

Worked as Production Manager and AD on a movie trailer for two talented Producers – Cindy Li and Robert Macklin. Shooting took place in early April over two consecutive days (and in between a deluge of rain – yeah, we were lucky). We are now editing the footage and a rough cut has been completed that shows a short film in the order of 5 minutes. We need to get this down to 3 minutes max. The Producers want 90 seconds, which means killing a lot of ‘babies’. This infanticide will see some beautiful photography fall to the editing room floor. Oh well.

Supanova Comicon in April in Gold Coast went well with minor sales. Another one is happening in June in Sydney. Further sales has been made in the USA by my agent, Redstylo, and in Canberra (to Impact Comics). Getting there. Attempts at selling the script, however, have not gone according to plan. I think I will go through the script with a fine tooth comb and commit infanticide on it. It will be a different story to the graphic novel, in the end. It’s what one has to do, right?

Been focusing more attention on getting some of my more saleable material read in Australia. I have an interest in one script – Devil’s Machine – which I only just got confirmation of today. More on that later.

The only other thing I am gearing up to do is to layer the remaining 6 chapters of Drago Bentley, with a view to learning how to make motion comics. Eventually I will make a feature film of it.