Farewell, My Love

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Love story, drama


Love is eternal


The true story of the love between a gifted New York pianist and a beautiful woman who teaches him to play with passion and become the best pianist in the world.


Farewell My Love is based on the book A Lasting Record by Stephen Downes, a biography written on the life of William Kapell, a world renown American pianist who died tragically at age 31 in a plane crash in 1953 after a series of Australian concerts. He left behind a young widow and two toddlers.

Farewell My Love focuses on the love story spanning decades and portraying the unfolding and blossoming love between William (Willy) and his wife Anna Lou; the effect she had on his pianism; his subsequent rise to international fame and fortune; and his last tour that takes place in Australia. Willy is killed in a plane crash on his return to America after completing the Australian tour.

Following Willy’s death, the story continues with Anna Lou discovering that one remaining recording of Willy’s final concert has been uncovered. A Melbourne-based classical music lover and bootlegger, Roy Preston, pirated many ABC concerts aired over the radio and over many decades amassed thousands of recordings from classical greats. The acetates (records) he made make their way back to Anna Lou, who discovers a secret message Willy left her at the end of his final concert piece. This neatly book ends the story.



$15 million


Semi-finalist Screencraft International Screenplay Competition 2015