Devil’s Machine


Historical, drama

It is Enigma meets Robin Hood.


In 1436, in a time of plague and fear, a humble fifteenth century inventor about to perfect a world-defining machine sacrifices his safety, his love interest and all that he has built to battle a powerful Pope intent on destroying his machine before it destroys his Church.


A treatment is available on request.


The true story of the Vatican’s attempt to destroy the invention of the printing press in fifteenth century Europe in its efforts to control the minds of the people.  It is a David and Goliath story of Johann Gutenberg pitted against the power of the Roman Catholic Church.


Available on application. This screenplay reached semi-finals stage in the  3This screenpaly reached semi-finals stage in the 3rd Annual Story Pros International Screenwriting Competition, the top 100 of the 2010 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition, and quarter-finalist in the 2013 a competition.


A stealomatic is available on request.


$20 million