Drago Bentley – Script, Graphic Novel and Motion Comics

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Sci-fi, detective


If you’re gonna walk on thin ice, you might as well dance


Set in a future world where the emerging science of today (space elevators, mining on the moon, hotels in space) is a reality.  Into the mix, I place a struggling, though gifted private eye, fresh out of the CNS (Compulsory National Stasis), a sassy, smart-mouth PA and a suspect android hiding secrets about Drago’s dead mother.  They inhabit a world where androids are a large part of society and bioloid (biological android) implants are used extensively in humans to enhance and extend life.  Militarism is again on the rise and on one continent an ex-soldier, head of a militant political group, has the majority in the Senator.

Feature script was adapted from my sci-fi graphic novel of eight chapters/issues (on sale from the website http://dragobentleycomic.canberrafilms.com)  and two motion comics of the first two chapters (viewable below).  Another six are planned to complete the series.




A gifted private detective made blind when his optical implants are switched off is forced to reanimate his hated android as his “seeing eye dog” to solve the case of a missing billionaire, in the process exposing the truth behind a militant group of high level androids and a corrupt senator hell-bent on controlling the world.


A treatment is available on request


$10 million