My Mate Horrie


Feature film of 120 minute/War, drama, adventure/War horse meet Red Dog


You can teach anyone to be a hero – even a human


1941, WW2, Tobruk. When a shell-shocked Australian soldier finds adopts a terrier pup – that he calls Horrie – that saves him and countless soldiers from impending German air-raids, he must risk his well-being to save the dog from bureaucratic death.


Alexandria, Egypt.  1941.  A shell-shocked, injured, out-for-number-one Private Jim Moody deserts.  In the streets he finds a terrier pop with a personality he can’t help but fall in love with, and which cures his malaise.  Back at his platoon, he and his mates, who name the pup Horrie, soon discover his other extraordinary ability of forewarning of approaching enemy aircraft before they can be seen with binoculars.  Weeks later, Horrie’s celebrity spreads as he saves countless soldiers’ lives and company morale.

A battle in Greece and Crete, and a torpedoed ship later, the troops are ordered back to Australia and Jim is ordered to put Horrie down because of the stringent quarantine measures back home.  But Jim defies the order and smuggles Horrie aboard ship.  Reaching Australia Jim decides to risk his future and smuggle Horrie past quarantine officers throwing soldiers’ pets overboard. The two go on the lam for two years during which time they resurface to go fundraising for wounded soldiers left homeless and destitute on the streets by an uncaring government.

But this act of kindness brings them to the notice of the officious head of quarantine, who sends out his goons.  A cat and mouse chase later, Horrie is caught and put on death row awaiting lethal injection.  Jim steps up to be the hero Horrie taught him to be, going into overdrive to muster public and political support for Horrie, which, in the end, fails. Horrie is ececuted. Jim is devastated and there is a public outcry at the wanton death of a war hero dog who posed no threat to Australian’ bio-security.  But, in rewind, we see how Jim had befriended the quarantine kennel guard, a soldier Jim had saved in Crete, who switched the lethal injection for a tranquillizer and smuggled Horrie out of quarantine to reunite him with Jim on his farm where Horrie lived out the rest of his life in total happiness.


A promotional video is available on request, by kind permission of Producer/Director Lucas Li, who has allowed its use in promoting our project.


$15 million


The document describing the project and defining the target audience can be obtained from the writer.