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Well, blow me down if the time didn’t just whiz by. It’s now almost 3 months since I returned from the US and since I last reported. What’s gone on, I hear you saying? Okay, time to fill you in:

Seems airlines don’t like it when you change your itinerary like I did. They cancelled the rest of my journey from Chicago to NY to Oz. Long story short, I sorted it after some frantic phone calls that took a good half day to eventually sort through;

The Chicago downtown area is fantastic – I loved it. It is so easy to walk around and lots to see. After the comicon, I saw the Tall Ships in the harbour. I watched Wolverine one night.Met some nice people and made some contacts which I will have to follow through with soon;

Left Chicago for Dulles airport, New York. Took an hour to get into Manhattan and cost me a bomb: $120. The Blakely Hotel (where I stayed) is in midtown Manhattan on 55th street, right near the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). Checked in at about 3pm; the room was good and had a king-sized bed, big plasma tv etc etc (actually one gets a little blase about accommodation in the US because they are all so good (usually)) and went straight to the Empire State Building. This was a good introduction, not only to NYC, but to the throngs of people that one experiences on and about NYC streets – there’re a gazzillion of them everywhere, everytime and everyplace you go. Went to the movies to watch Elysium, which I liked;

Next couple of days I went to the Natural History Museum, the Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim (could’ve/should’ve spent more time in each of these) and saw two shows: Pippin (hated it) and Mama Mia (loved it).;

Flight from JFK was leaving at 5pm so I hired a fixed cost cab to get me there. Left the hotel at 2pm thinking an hour to get there, sweet, I’ll make the flight no worries. Yeah, right: three and a half hours later I get to Newark – I had to cancel my flight leaving JFK because I wasn’t going to make. It was all because a truck had overturned on one of the main bridges leading off the island and which had caused traffic to divert to other roads, tunnels and bridges. It took 1 hour to go 200 meters, I swear. Anyway, I thought the driver deserved his $120 this time around. Got there with 50 minutes before take off and had everything sorted. Changed at San Fran for the UA flight to Oz. Man, I thought 737s offered more legroom than was obviously the case. I’d hate to have been someone larger/taller having to fit into those seats – would’ve been so uncomfortable and impossible to sleep on. Lesson: by extra legroom; don’t matter the cost. Okay, so I woke up at 7am on Friday and arrived in Oz at 6am on Sunday. Had a couple hours sleep on the flight over, so yeah, I was grumpy.

SO, that brings us up to date with the trip… but since then I’ve had the pleasure of working as an intern for silversun pictures as an intern. They have had me working on a couple of film projects and an ad that have been really good. Let me explain…