2014 – The year in review

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Well, 2014 was a busy year that started with engaging renown Australian script editor Karel Segers to work on my draft script, Hunting Jandamarra.  We met in March and over the course of three days tightened up the script enough for me to complete a workable second draft.  Along the way I learned a whole lot about story structure, balancing the hero’s presence on the page against the overall story, the use of flashbacks, writing action sequences and being a whole lot tighter in terms of descriptions.  It increased the size of the script from 88 pages to 102 pages, which seems a contradiction of what I said about making it tighter but it isn’t really.  The villain is more prominent than in the first draft.  This was confirmed in the script coverage I had commissioned at first draft stage and which got  a ‘Consider’ assessment.  Only thing left to do with Hunting Jandamarra is now get script coverage for the second draft (to see if it has been improved) and send in my acquittal of the funding.


As written in a previous blog, I was engaged via SilverSun Pictures to production manage a Chinese-Australian co-pro titled Audalyia Gold for Li-Lin Productions.  Producers Cindy Li and Robert Macklin were granted funding for a teaser/trailer that Cindy was to take to China with her on her trip back there in June.  This was a big production for a 90 trailer.  There were about 40 people involved in production (Cast and Crew) and filming took 2 days (two 8 hour days) to complete.  About 6 hours of footage was filmed and, from that, a rough cut of 10 minutes was drafted.  Doug Kirk, as editor, took the footage and did a great job getting it down to 2 minutes.  Cindy Li also had a go at editing it and shaved another 30 seconds off it.  After it was colour graded and sound balance and credits uploaded, Cindy flew off to China for her meetings with film executives.  Our production was filmed by the ABC 7.30 Report team and televised their take in July.


According to Cindy after she returned, all the hard work paid off and she secured conditional funding (conditional on Australian funds coming up with cash) and, since, a Chinese director and lead Chinese actors.  The Australian side of things is still bubbling along, so watch this space for further updates.