Update – August 2015

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Just finished Accelerator Pod Phase 3.  Our group pitched two ideas to Odin’s Eye Entertainment managers, plus K Segers, with the objective of convincing them that our project is worthy of selection.

I pitched Hellbillies (though not very well) and received some mild criticism for a weak first half of Act 2 and placing the story in the wrong genre.  Easy fixes.  Am now working towards the next phase where we will all pitch our projects using aids like animatics, PowerPoint, stealomatics etc.

One of the course presenters, Lisa Garner, suggested a number of films we should watch: The Innkeepers, H8rtz, Blue Ruin, House of the Devil, The Door, Creep, Fear.  Interesting films, I suppose, but I wouldn’t go to a theatre to watch them.  And that made me wonder what the heck I am doing in this industry.  There’s average content that’s getting made and, more importantly, getting an on-line audience.  The filmmakers of these are good at getting publicity via social media.  I wonder if I’ve missed the boat on how to capitalise on this aspect of promoting my films.

FYI, my Hellbillies (film version) logline is this:

When Lucifer discovers that the increase in acts of unforgivable kindness is due to a devil-boy and his devil family, he orders their arrest.  But they get away and seek out a devil smuggler who smuggles them out of Hell to the one place Lucifer will never find them: Canberra suburbia.