Update – June 2015

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After 8 comicons I am glad to announce that my print run of 500 graphic novels of Drago Bentley: Space Detective was finally exhausted at the June 2015 SupaNova recently held in Sydney.

Historically though, it’s been 17 comicons (starting in June 2010) since Drago Bentley: Space Detective was first promoted. Over that time, I have achieved, with your support, over 500 sales of the graphic novel and several hundred more of the individual chapters.

Though the hard copy print run of the graphic novel is finished, I still have a few stock of the individual chapter, but electronic copies are also still available through cloud9comix.com and the Drago Bentley comic website – http://dragobentleycomic.canberrafilms.com – as well as through www.redstylo.com. Yay!!!

Many lessons were learned over the course of this project and, if I were to do it all again, I would do it differently. And I would do it differently because, over the 5 years since its first appearance, numerous websites and potentially cheaper, certainly more competitive, graphic artist sources have emerged around the world. Anyone now considering a similar project has a plethora of cost-effective, talented artists to contract to do work.

That said, marketing and organisational hurdles still exist – though, on reflection, social media does make this easier, I have to say. For example, one major hurdle we faced was in lifting our profile high enough that people would start buying the comic and getting interested in the concept going forward. SEOs were considered but dismissed and I don’t think I would recommend others contemplating a similar project utilise them either.

So, what would I do differently? Not having utilised Youtube at all and under-utilised Facebook and Twitter, I would manage that better than I did. I might also utilise Instagram. Another thing I’d consider is paying someone with a high Youtube profile to help promote the work – Shooter Williamson springs to mind. Still would do the comicon thing as well. It’s the best way to lift a profile.

Anyway, the Drago Bentley novel is now being read in the USA and Eastern Australia. There is one more country that is hoped will see Drago in one form or another: China. Producer Cindy Li pitched the Drago Bentley project at the Hong Kong Film Festival and received interest from two production houses based in Shanghai. Cindy is now flying back to China with the Drago Bentley treatment. Crossing all fingers and toes that they will want to take it forward.

Well, that’s it for this part of the Drago Bentley project. The next part is the development of pitch material that might sell the concept as a live action feature film (though I won’t rule out an animation of the story). Stay tuned for the next instalment.