Update – May 2015

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Hey, it’s been a while since my last posting. But that doesn’t mean I have been doing nothing. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s a short list:

Drago Bentley: Space Detective – sales have been solidly increasing to an extent that I am on the last 50 books. These will be sold at the upcoming Sydney SupaNova comicon in June. Between now and my last posting, I have been to the Brisbane SupaNova (where I sold a heap of books) and Gold Coast SupaNova (sales about half that of Brisbane’s). Producer Cindy Li went to China to attend the Hong Kong Film Festival and pitched Drago Bentley to some production companies. Two are interested in taking it further. I am reworking the script to make it more palatable for a Chinese audience and in the lead up to Cindy returning to China next month and taking the script with her.

Wolf In The Wardrobe – Syndey-based film producer, Phillip Bowman, and I worked hard to get a viable draft out into the film ether. He sent the various materials to a NZ-based production company, Gibson Group, the manager for which liked the script enough to give some useful comments. We are to hook up when he returns from Cannes in the next week or so to discuss progressing this to the next stage. I want to get the next draft to Regina Lee by the end of June in order for me to then re-edit it and be ready in time for my feedback/acquittal to ScreenACT. Meanwhile, I entered the script into an international film script competition (US-based ScreenCraft) and have so far reached semi-finals stage. I should see soon whether it has made it to the finals or not.

Devil’s Machine – Hunter Cordaiy was attending Cannes this year and was to pitch Devil’s Machine to select companies. I was depending on his contacts that he’d made via his France-based company, Atlantic Films, which is heavily invoked in filming pre-production for Riviera Dreaming, a documentary of a famous French production house that is closing down soon. Concurrently, Phillip Bowman sent the pitch material to a German production head and was pleasantly surprised when the person requested the script. That was sent through just last week and no further update is available at this stage, though I am hopeful. Be that as it may, the project is not dead in the water, despite it being a relatively ‘old’ script.

Hellbillies – Pippa Lambert from ICM Partners in London took my pitch material to LA with her at Easter. I haven’t heard back from her on that so have concluded that there were no takers. I acknowledge that the script needed work (still does) and would dearly like to engage someone to take it forward but Phillip Bowman thinks he can do just that. Phillip is a powerhouse producer, no doubt about it, and our partnership is making headway. I want to get a comedy writer on board and write a viable script. I believe in this project.

Farewell My Love – this is a story I am writing about the life of William Kapell, a world-renown American classical pianist who, at the height of his career, died tragically in a plane crash after completing a successful tour in Australia in 1953. It is a love story. This story is based on a book by Stephen Downes and we are currently negotiating an option agreement on his book. I hope to get funding for this project in the upcoming funding round. More on t his one in a later blog.

My Mate Horrie – this is on the back-burner for now. Bowman says it stands little chance of being produced as it is a ‘period’ piece that would be difficult to film. It is one that I believe passionately though and want it made but I think there are one or two other people writing this story so I need to get it in the hands of the right person.

Hunting Jandamarra – I finished the final draft earlier this year and submitted it to ScreenACT in fulfilment of my funding guidelines. I have submitted it to the AWGIE Awards run by AWG. Two script assessments have given this a ‘Considered’ rating, which puts it in the top 4% of scripts submitted . I made the changes to the final draft based on comments back from those assessments and it is this version that I sent to the AWGIE Awards. Bowman, again, thinks this isn’t one he thinks he could pass on to someone in the industry in its current form, primarily because my character has him hunting an aboriginal with a well-known name. That’s a simple fix, if that’s the only drawback. I will be submitting that script to the INSITE awards currently underway.

I am writing a treatment for a thriller about the ICE epidemic and am thinking to take this idea with me to the upcoming Accelerator Pod starting in 3 weeks. Hopefully…

That’s it for now, though. As you can see there’s been a lot happening. No doubt the next six months will see at least one of these progress to the next stage.